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Care For Your Purchases

Clothing Items

All Foundry & Co products are to be hand washed individually or with like colours, for the first few washes, to avoid colour transfer.

Do not bleach item or use heavy stain removers as it will damage the item.

We recommend customers use a steam iron or low heat to iron products.

Placing a clothes protector or a piece of fabric between the item and iron, and turning the item on its reverse side will ensure that your product lasts longer.


Treat Foundry & Co Accessories with tender loving care by ensuring that the products do not come in direct contact with water, sweat, perfume or oil.

Our items are gold, silver or bronze plated and the above elements can cause the jewellery to tarnish over time as the metal and alloys react to them.

If you are prone to sweating in this humidity, take a thin coat of clear nail varnish and coat the area that comes into contact with your skin. 

Use a dry tissue or cottonpad or polishing cloth to wipe down the accessories after a day out. This will ensure that the accessories stay in tip-top condition.


Based on our customers discretion and judgement, load the item accordingly to how much it can carry.

Do not exceed the maximum weight for each bag.

Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down the item to remove dust and stains.

Do not scrub the products

Please handle with care. 

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